omega speedmaster replica. Venturer Tourbillon Double Time - The Brand’s First Tourbillon Enhanced With Straumann Double Hairspring

omega speedmaster replica, a Swiss watchmaker, has released its first tourbillion-sized timepiece. Venturer Tourbillon Dual Time is the watch at speedmaster replica watches It is equipped with an exclusive automatic movement. Two unique traits were created in-house for the new caliber. The first is an escapement that features a double hairspring, which greatly enhances punctuality. While the second is a special design that makes servicing the tourbillion much easier. It will be sold in a red-gold housing and is expected to retail for around $98,800 when it becomes available in September.

omega speedmaster replica. Venturer Tourbillon Dual Time Watch

Heinrich Moser developed the double hairspring escapement in-house. This is the first tourbillion that the brand has ever started. It also includes the implementation of major technological breakthroughs. It is a combination of a pair of balancesprings that eliminates the gravitational error. The escapement,omega speedmaster replica which omega speedmaster replica. introduced in 2004 is equipped with Straumann Double Hairspring. It was named after the inventor and man who developed Nivarox material. This escapement features two balance springs of the same design. They are placed opposite each other so that the arbor's center of gravity remains constant throughout. This arrangement reduces the negative gravitational effect on watch's functioning and greatly improves accuracy and isochronism. Although it was used previously in other models of the brand, this is the first time that it has been seen in a tourbillion. Caliber HMC 802 is equipped with Straumann Double hairspring.blancpain replica It also includes a Moser interchangeable tourbillion, making servicing it a breeze.

omega speedmaster replica. Venturer Tourbillon Double Time Watch Back

Dual Time available upon request It has a self-winding mechanism and a large power reserve that can last for three days. It also features the second time display, in addition to central hours and minutes, as well the tourbillion. If the wearer doesn't require it, the second time zone display can be seen via a red hand.

omega speedmaster replica. Venturer Tourbillon Double Time Watch Tourbillon

Venturer Tourbillon Dual Time is housed in a 18 K gold round housing. It measures 41.5 mm in diameter and 14.3 mm thick. The rear side is covered with a transparent sapphire segment. This same material was used to make the crystal, which is notably curved. omega speedmaster replica. chose a brown leather strap to attach the watch. It has a red gold folding buckle. Details about this elegant and sophisticated Venturer watch will be available in September, when it hits the shops.