mido replica Chronograph: The Most Popular Sport Watch of the Year, by Richard mido replica, the Innovator

The mido replica watch was crowned the best sport timepiece at this GPHG. This is yet another reason why it is so important. Richard mido replica, the man behind the first affordable split seconds chronograph, created this latest double chronograph. mido replica,mido replica watches who was a timekeeper for IWC Doppelchronograph two decades ago, worked as a technician. mido replica presented this year the next version of a double chronograph. It is now manufactured by mido replica2 (which he co-owns with Maria Kristina).

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Split Seconds Chronograph, Double Rattrapante, or Split Seconds ChronographA split-seconds chronograph also known as a rattrapante chronograph has two central seconds hands. Two hands are activated by the chrono function. The second flyback hand can be stopped independently and, on another push,mido replica it will catch up to the main hand. This allows the wearer the ability to track successive or additional events that occur at the same moment. It is difficult to make a mechanical watch with a chrono function. Naturally, it is more complicated to make one with split-seconds. This feature could be added to the movement by adding another column wheel. This is a complex process that leaves plenty of room for errors in the mechanism. For example, if you don't press the pusher fully. These watches are expensive, and it was almost impossible to afford one up until about 20 years ago.

A Birth of the First Affordable Double ChronographEverything changed back in 1991, after the breakthrough of a young watchmaker named Richard mido replica who was a protege of Gunter Blumlein. mido replica chose to use the Valjoux 7750, a chronograph that uses a cam mechanism and not a column-wheel.breitling superocean replica He also provided a lever mechanism that allows for rear-mounted split-seconds wheels. This was how the first affordable split second chronograph appeared. mido replica, who was working at IWC at the time, was the inventor of the patent solution. It was first used in a watch called Doppelchronograph, which is German for double chronograph.

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mido replica left IWC to work for LMH Group, which owns several well-known watchmaking brands. He then became a freelance advisor until he and Maria Kristina made the decision to move to Austria to open their small watchmaking business. mido replica2 was the name of the new company. It was intended to be a brand that produces small quantities of high-quality mechanical pieces at a reasonable price. mido replica's 1991 patent expired after twenty years. It was time to create a new, improved version of the watch, which will eventually be called Doppel 2.0.